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Red Hartebeest Trophy Hunting Prices and Packages

Valley Bushveld Safaris based in the Eastern Cape South Africa offers world class Red Hartebeest Trophy Hunting Safaris throughout the year.

Our professional hunting outfitters accommodates all methods of Hunting Red Hartebeest. Our average size ranges from 25 to 30 inch, and at times, even higher. We accommodate hunters of all experience levels, as well as Wheel Chair Hunters (Disabled Hunting)

Red Hartebeest hunted in the Eastern Cape Red Hartebeest trophy hunting Red Hartebeest Red Hartebeest shot by client in a wheelchair

Red Hartebeest Hunting Areas in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Valley Bushveld Safaris concession areas consist of 19 privately owned game farms, allowing us to operate within a 300 km radius from our home base, which is close to Addo in the Eastern Cape in search of the best plains game trophy animals such as Red Hartebeest.

Hunting Red Hartebeest

The Red Hartebeest is one of the larger antelope species found in the Eastern Cape, and can be distinguished by its reddish-fawn and sloping back and long narrow dark face.

Red Hartebeest average 350 pounds (females are a lot smaller) and horns can reach lengths of 18 to 28 inches.

Red Hartebeest are predominantly grass grazers, feeding on new to medium height grass.

These non-aggressive antelopes can become ferocious when provoked, using there formidable horns to ward off predators, and are extremely alert, and will dart-off at the first sign of danger.

They are active mainly during daytime, grazing in the early morning and late afternoon, and rests in shady areas around noon.

The Red Hartebeest can be hunted with most rifle calibers. Depending on the terrain you can expect shots from 100 to 300 yards.

Red Hartebeest Trophy Hunting Prices and Packages 2017

Red Hartebeest hunting prices for the Eastern Cape area can be viewed by visiting our hunting prices page.

Or alternatively;
* 7 Day Hunting Package and Prices for 5 Animals
* 7 Day Hunting Package and Prices for 5 Animals
* 7 Day Hunting Package and Prices for 6 Animals
* 10 Day Hunting Package and Prices for 8 Animals

Our affordable hunting package include trophy fees for animals, all daily rates, game lodge accommodation, daily laundry service, food, beverages, transport to and from Port Elizabeth Airport, vehicle for transport in hunting areas, services of licensed professional hunter, trackers, skinners and field preparation of trophies.

For available hunting packages view our 11 affordable hunting packages and information on hunting packages which explains how the packages work.

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